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​Everything You Need to Know About Designing Your New Home

The design of your home can greatly influence the quality of life, comfort, and even the relationship of the household residents. For example, large comfortable sofas in the living room invite lively conversation with many people, compared with La-Z-Boys that are intended for more individual use.

Africa Israel apartments are built to provide greater flexibility in home design. We constantly strive to create spacious yet cozy rooms, use as much natural light as possible, and plan the apartment so it is both comfortable and functional. Our goal is to give you a comfortable, practical environment that you can then design according to your personal tastes. Here you will find a range of home design tips, trends, and information. Enjoy!

Home Design

​4 Steps to Living Room Design

​The living room is the heart of your home. It's where the whole family gets to spend time together, entertain, talk, or simply relax. Living room design can affect the whole atmosphere of the home, family dynamics, even the hospitality experience. The challenge in designing a living room is to make sure strong design elements don't overwhelm the space, while keeping the space comfortable for everyone.

What's YOUR Design Style?

​Retro? Rustic? Maybe modern industrial? There is a range of styles out there, and it's worth getting to know some of them before you begin planning the interior design of your new home. Read on to find out more and decide which one is right for you.

6 Common Misconceptions about Kitchen Design

​The kitchen is one of your home's key features, and the design process has always been a challenge. Kitchens should be comfortable to work in, easy to clean, a cozy place for the entire family, and of course, aesthetically pleasing. In order to find the design that works best for you, you should first understand the truth behind common misconceptions of kitchen design.

Bathroom Design Tips

​Today, even bathroom design can't be taken for granted, and it includes far more than choosing simple fixtures. Before diving into a pile of tiles, you should learn about the leading trends, recommended materials, and all the amenities that every bathroom needs.

Kids' Room Design

​A kid's room is a colorful places that has to be a little bit of everything: some days it's a palace, some days a fortress, some days a sailing ships, and everyday a joy.

Maintaining Smart Home Design

​Home design is a dynamic field, evolving and expanding over time. There's a lot of significance in home design, and not just regarding external visibility: it showcases your personal style, quality of life, and comfort.