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​What is Environmental Development?

Environmental development is the direct result of investment in infrastructure, scenic surroundings, green areas, and public spaces. The planning of green areas takes into account water conservation issues, as well as how best to adapt vegetation to the local climate, while all new facilities are constructed in line with the specific needs of the local community. Due to these extensive investments in infrastructure and facility construction, environmental development results in the preservation of property value, whether for investment or residential purposes. Purchasing an apartment in an area undergoing environmental development is therefore a preferred, more secure investment.

Among the services provided to the local community through environmental development are:

  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Commercial Centers
  • Public Services
  • Kindergartens
  • Swimming Pools

Environmental Development Benefits

Environmental development offers many attractive benefits, especially for apartment buyers, including:

  • Contributing to improving the neighborhood’s appearance as well as residents’ lives
  • Providing economic and social stimulus by boosting the quality of life in the neighborhood and surrounding area
  • Helping to maintain and even enhance property value
  • Attracting discerning new residents to the area

Investing in real estate in areas undergoing environmental development is more attractive, more desirable, and more secure. Let's discover Africa Israel Residences’ Savyonim neighborhoods – environmental development at its best.