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​​Mortgages - Choosing the Right One for You

Have you already chosen your new apartment?

Before you take out a mortgage, it's important to do market research so you understand all the components of a loan, choose the best monthly payment plan, and find the mortgage that suits your personal needs.

A mortgage is a loan used for buying an apartment, which is provided by the bank in return for a property lien. When the mortgage is completed, the lien is removed and apartment ownership passes completely to you. A mortgage includes three main components:

  1. Principal – the amount you requested to borrow in order to buy an apartment.
  2. Interest – the amount paid to the bank in exchange for receiving the loan.
  3. Objective Index – a linkage component that updates the payments over time based on changing market conditions, such as the prime interest rate, US dollar, CPI, and so forth.

Please use the following guide to learn more about contracts and mortgages.​

Everything You Need to Know about Contracts

Before signing the contact for your new home, it's important to know all the standard terms and subsections in these agreements. The stages of signing a contract or mortgage may be very complex and therefore you need to know all the details, in order to fully understand and familiarize yourself with each aspect of the contract.

Telling the Difference Between Various Mortgages

How do you find the most suitable mortgage for you? What are the differences between the various mortgages? There are many types, each with differently defined payment terms. This article introduces the types of mortgages and helps you decide how to choose the best mortgage for you.