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סביוני גבעת שמואל

Apartments For Sale in Givat Shmuel

Givat Shmuel, one of the fastest-growing cities in the center of Israel, has doubled its population in the last few years and now numbers 24,000 people. The massive construction boom and continuing urban development process are expected to bring that number to 45,000
Givat Shmuel: Savyoney Givat Shmuel |
hamaayan 39, Givatayim

Apartments For Sale in Givatayim

Givatayim is one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Israel. Located in the metropolitan hub of Tel Aviv, its welcoming residents, educational accomplishments, and environmental quality have transformed Givatayim into a highly attractive area for Israelis. Givatayim is a small, quiet modern city that preserves its unique community-oriented character and outstanding residential quality of life.
savyon VIEW, Jerusalem

Apartments For Sale in Jerusalem

Israel’s largest city has everything: glorious history, rich culture, sacred atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife. Living in Jerusalem is a real experience. Come and discover it for yourself!

Apartments For Sale in kiryat bialik

When the two leading real estate companies in Israel collaborate, an extraordinary project emerges – “Dreams and Savyonim” in Kiryat Bialik. In the green expanses of the Krayot, north of Givat Harakafot and adjacent to the pastoral Ein Afek Nature Reserve, a new residential neighborhood is under construction, inviting you to enjoy a unique residential experience in luxury towers alongside a nature reserve.
סביון ואירוס, נס ציונה

Apartments For Sale in Nes Ziona

Nes Ziona is located between Rishon LeZion and Rehovot, and its nickname "Israel’s Green City" is well deserved. The city has 66 public parks and gardens, as well as several unique nature reserves, such as Givat HaIrusim, Kurkar Hills, and Maslul Nof, providing many hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Apartments For Sale in Netanya

Just 30km from Tel Aviv and 50km from Haifa, Netanya is a vibrant city bursting with life. Living in Netanya is like taking a vacation, all year round.
savyoney raanana

Apartments For Sale in Raanana

When the American Jewish company “Ahuza A – New York” founded the agricultural settlement Raanania in 1922, its members never imagined that they were taking part in the building of Raanana, one of the most sought after cities in Israel that is ranked 8 out of 10 on the Socioeconomic Index. Raanana continues to maintain its warm community atmosphere and is perceived as a quality green city with a particularly high-level education system and massive investment in sustainability, a central guiding principle of its municipal environmental management.
Raanana: Savyoney Raanana |
Rishon LeZion beach

Apartments For Sale in Rishon LeZion

​Rishon LeZion, the city of grapevines and wine, has enjoyed a boom in recent years that has made it Israel’s fourth largest city. The city’s development has seen construction in business districts as well as commercial and entertainment centers, alongside high quality, well-designed residential neighborhoods. Residents of Rishon LeZion experience a rich and varied world of culture and leisure, including plays, performances, festivals and exhibitions.

Apartments For Sale in Tel Aviv

A major city on the global stage, Tel Aviv invites you to experience its vibrant cosmopolitan beat and enjoy the endless opportunities for entertainment, business and culture.