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Technical Specifications

In the Building

  • Stylish main lobby, designed by an interior designer and featuring a combination of high-end finishing materials
  • Residents’ club with lighting, A/C, kitchenette, and restrooms
  • Synagogue for residents’ convenience
  • Gym
  • Co-working space
  • Stone facade integrated with decorative cladding chosen by the architect
  • Shared underground parking
  • Parking for each apartment
  • Infrastructure preparation for EV charging stations 
  • Storage room for each apartment
  • Elegant elevators – 3 in the towers and 2 in the perimeter-block building
  • Garbage chute on each floor of the towers
  • Garbage rooms and a recycling room for separating waste
  • The project is monitored by a licensed institution in order to obtain green building certification
  • Gardens and surrounding area designed by a landscape architect, including landscaping, pergolas and benches, access paths, and easements
  • Sukkahs – Preparation for setting up sukkahs in the surrounding area and on balconies

  • 4 & 5-room apartments: 120x120 or 60x120cm floor tiling, available in a choice of colors, not including bathrooms and balconies
  • Acrylic paint (such as Supercryl) on all apartment walls
  • Mini VRF apartment air conditioning system
  • Underfloor heating system
  • Water faucet and gas outlet on the sun balcony, option for deck-look balcony flooring
  • Safe room ventilation and filtration system in accordance with Home Front Command standards and requirements
  • Shabbat clock / timer in every apartment
  • Security door with keypad access at the apartment entrance
  • High-quality water-resistant interior doors with a straight lintel and broad frame, available in a choice of colors including white (Unique model by Pandoor or equivalent)
  • Dalit-model door for the safe room (subject to civil defense approval)
  • Additional wooden door for the safe room
  • Aluminum double-glazed windows by Klil or equivalent
  • Electric roller blinds + one manually operated window per room
  • Shabbat clock for the electric roller blinds in the exit leading to the balcony
Electricity & Communications

  • Three-phase electrical connection throughout the apartment
  • Three-phase kitchen outlet for an electric cooktop
  • CCTV intercom system, including a color touch screen at the apartment entrance
  • Phone/telecom and TV outlet in each room
  • Wireless smart home system
  • High-end electrical fixtures by Bticino or equivalent
Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • High-quality kitchen cabinets with soft-close hinges, including a tall built-in unit and wall-mounted cabinets with a lift-up door, available in a choice of colors
  • Caesarstone countertop or equivalent, available in a choice of models
  • Choice of flush-mount acrylic / stainless steel / granite kitchen sink, including preparation for a dishwasher
  • Stylish pull-out faucet
  • Bathroom cabinet with integrated sink and mirror in the main bathroom and master bathroom 
  • Wall-mounted toilets with concealed cisterns throughout the apartment
  • Acrylic bathtub in the main bathroom
  • Deluxe high-quality faucets
  • Shower enclosures​

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