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6 Common Misconceptions about Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of your home's key features, and the design process has always been a challenge. Kitchens should be comfortable to work in, easy to clean, a cozy place for the entire family and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. The field of kitchen design has recently expanded to include a wide variety of styles and available options. In order to find the design that works best for you, you should first understand the truth behind common misconceptions of kitchen design.

"A White Kitchen is Impossible to Clean"

Truth: Using the right materials makes all the difference. A number of materials are ideal for kitchen surfaces, including glass, quartz, and aluminum, which don't absorb moisture and therefore don't stain easily. So if your dream kitchen is white, don't give up on the idea so quickly.

"I Can Always Add It Later"

Truth: When it comes to kitchen design, it's vitally important to plan everything carefully down to the smallest details. If you have future additions planned for the kitchen, make sure you are properly prepared in terms of space, electric outlets, and water and drainage pipes.

"You Need to Cut Back On Electric Appliances if You Want a Minimalist Kitchen"

Truth: Even with a minimalist design, it's important to take into account your changing needs and design a kitchen that will first and foremost be comfortable and practical. If you regularly use toasters, microwaves, food processors, mixers and blenders – it's best to find a solution that suits your habits and not the other way around.

"Every Kitchen Needs an Island"

Truth: There's no doubt that an island adds a lot to a kitchen's look, but it really only works well with large spaces. Installing an island in a small kitchen will cause crowding, making both work and dining uncomfortable. If you would like to have an island in your kitchen, make sure there is at least four feet (1.5 meters) of space surrounding the island.

"The Concept of The Kitchen Work Triangle is Out of Date"

Truth: This might be an old concept, but it is still significant regarding convenience in the kitchen. According to the "work triangle" idea, the sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator should form an imaginary triangle, and be positioned relatively close to each other in order to improve efficiency.

"Work Surfaces Have a Standard Height"

Truth:  You can now adjust the height of your work surfaces to create a more pleasant work space for you and your family in the kitchen.