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​Kids' Room Design

A kid's room is a colorful places that has to be a little bit of everything: some days it's a palace, some days a fortress, some days a sailing ships, and everyday a joy. Children's rooms can easily become cluttered, so the design has to include useful storage spaces that can also be a part of a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.  Here are some practical tips and design ideas on how to make the kids' room the most fun spot in the house.

The most important rule is to remember that kids are growing up a little every day, and what's just right for a 3-year old isn't right for a 6-year old. Children's furniture also has to comply with strict safety standards, and can be expensive, making it even more worthwhile to choose furniture that will last for many years.

Getting Started

First, choose a color palette. Begin with a light, neutral color like white or cream and then add one or two bright, joyful colors like pink, green, purple, or orange. Paint the wall with the neutral base color. Suitable spaces like single walls, niches, or alcoves can be painted in one of the complementary colors or decorated with matching wall decals. It is important to make sure that the complementary colors don't overwhelm the room, since the goal is to create a pleasant, relaxing environment that is conducive to resting and falling asleep.

Next, choose basic furniture like a bed, desk, and wardrobe. Stick to classic styles in neutral colors, rather than choosing furniture decorated with children's characters or bright shades. That will help ensure that the furniture serves you over time, even when the child's preferences change. Of course, safety is the most important thing, so avoid furniture with sharp corners, fragile materials, or small pieces that could come loose.

Last, choose complementary furnishings. This includes a range of accessories like chairs, curtains, rugs, pillows, and lamps. Now is the time to get creative. Feel free to choose colorful items printed with kids' favorite characters, because these can easily be replaced later.

Controlling the Clutter

In order to keep the room a nice place to be and to invite friends to visit comfortably, it is essential to create a few handy storage spaces. Here are some great ideas:

  • Use hanging storage. In order to keep space free for play, hang shelves, fabric pockets, baskets, and similar storage solutions on the walls.
  • Utilize the space under the bed. Toys, board games, and crafts can all be stored nicely. For young kids, shallow boxes without lids are safest and easiest to use.

Staying Safe

Here are a few rules for keeping kids' rooms safe:

  • Do not put the bed, or any other furniture that can be climbed on, right under the window.
  • Make sure to cover any electrical outlets that are not in use.
  • Install stoppers that keep the door from slamming.
  • Avoid hanging heavy pictures or putting heavy objects on shelves.
  • Fasten dressers, bookcases, and wardrobes to the wall.
  • Use safe heating and cooling devices like air conditioners and radiators.