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Projects in Givatayim

HaMaayan 39, Givatayim

Introducing HaMaayan 39: a new 7-story boutique building in Givatayim's Arlozorov neighborhood that enjoys breathtaking views thanks to its ideal hillside setting. This attractive neighborhood's outstanding location also ensures easy, rapid access to major roads, as well as to convenient public transport via the nearby Ben-Gurion and Katznelson Streets. Choose from 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, garden apartments, and penthouses.

About Givatayim


Givatayim is one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Israel. Located in the metropolitan hub of Tel Aviv, its welcoming residents, educational accomplishments, and environmental quality have transformed Givatayim into a highly attractive area for Israelis.

Recently, Givatayim has undergone a process of renovation and renewal, wherein dozens of old streets, kindergartens, and schools have been given new life. The streets are beautifully landscaped, the reformed education system has received praise from both the Ministry of Education and parents, and a wide range of community services and cultural activities suitable for all ages are now available.

Interesting places

Givatayim Theater
Givatayim Theater ​​Culture Close to Home

​​The theater regularly hosts live shows and music, fringe performances, and festivals like FestiJazz, Song of the Sea, Spiritual Meetings, and more. Rotating exhibits are held in the lobby, and the theater is surrounded by a sculpture garden and large lawn

The Givatayim Observatory
The Givatayim Observatory ​​​Reach Out to the Stars

​​Built in the 1960s, this is the only scientific observatory that is open to the public. It hosts many space exploration activities, and conducts studies in collaboration with various institutions in Israel and abroad

Oved's Sabich
Oved's Sabich ​The Most Famous Sabich in Israel

​​According to many people, you'll find the best sabich in Israel at Oved's kiosk. Long lines stretch out the door all hours of the day, filled with people waiting to bite into this savory dish. You won't be disappointed