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​Groundbreaking Israeli Innovation at Your Fingertips

From Nobel Prize winners and amazing apps to desalinization technology, Israel is an innovation superpower that is changing the world. Want to be part of this success? The country is ready and waiting for those who will discover the Next Big Thing. Meanwhile, you can read a little about the country's successes.

In the past, Israel was commonly thought of as a massive desert full of nothing but sand, camels, and tents scattered everywhere. Many believed that Israel was undeveloped, without modern amenities or comfortable living conditions. But all that is in the past, and today it is clear that Israel is one of the world’s foremost developed countries, brimming with stories about its greatest minds, breakthrough inventions, and the inspiration that stimulates the entire world – that's the real picture of Israel.

So how did Israel become such an advanced country? In a nutshell, here are a few reasons.

Nobel Prizes

Since Israel’s establishment, 12 Israelis have won a Nobel Prize: Professor Arieh Warshal, Professor Michael Levitt, biochemists Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover, scientists Ada Yonath and Dan Shechtman have all received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry; psychologist Daniel Kahneman and mathematician Yisrael (Robert) Auman won the Nobel Prize in Economics; author S.Y. Agnon won the Nobel Prize in Literature; and politicians Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, and Shimon Peres won the Nobel Prize in Peace.

From its earliest days, Israel has promoted the importance of education, nurturing the growth of exceptional talents whose names are now known worldwide.

Technological Innovations

USB drives, drip irrigation, and the Kinect sensor found in many game consoles and mobile phone cameras were created right here, in Israel. Many international companies such as Intel and Microsoft have modern research facilities here, because the entire world recognizes Israel as a leader in innovation and development.

Medical Breakthroughs

Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon in Israel, with many people from all over the world coming here to receive treatments, undergo surgeries, and seek expert opinions from the best doctors. Many doctors are also working on research that will lead to the latest advanced medical breakthroughs. Whether it is researching cancer drugs, improving prosthetic limbs, developing tests for early disease detection, and creating techniques that reduce the need for invasive procedures – the future of Israeli medicine looks bright.

Fashion Design

It's true that Israel does not yet have a fashion house on the same level as Dolce & Gabbana, but it does have a new, daring design spirit that is inspiring many others throughout the world. Perhaps you are already familiar with Alber Elbaz and Alon Livne, whose reputations precede them, but there are many other Israeli designers who have dressed the social elite of cinema, music, and fashion. Beyoncé, Madonna, and Lady Gaga have already selected them, and now it's everyone else’s turn.

Green Construction

Green construction practices have greatly evolved in Israel in recent years, taking natural environmental concerns into account through the proper use of energy, recycling, and protecting nature, while maintaining residents’ quality of life. Many construction companies, including Africa Israel Residences, use eco-friendly materials that are highly durable and do not emit toxic gases. In addition, efforts are being made to utilize sunlight, reduce water consumption, and improve current recycling methods.


Israel has established an international reputation for effective water usage. People from all corners of the world turn to Israel to learn about irrigation technologies, desalinization, and efficient water use techniques. Israeli companies send representatives all over the world to spread their knowledge about the benefits of protecting the environment and preventing the waste of valuable resources.

Fruit &Vegetables

In addition to exporting fruit and vegetables around the world, Israel is also a center for innovative agricultural developments and is making a name for itself in the field. Did you know that the cherry tomato was developed in Israel? Interested in trying a pear-flavored tomato? Every innovation can be found here. Israeli companies work constantly on the development of new methods for growing fruit and vegetables, including those that don't need water, are nourished by sunshine, and can provide seasonal fruit all year long.

There is not enough space to discuss in detail all the changes that are raising Israel to the position of an “innovation superpower”. People around the world want to take part and join in the country’s remarkable success, and Israel warmly welcomes people who can think outside the box, who are inspired by Israel, and want to not only live here, but actively contribute to the country’s future success.

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