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​Warm Hearts, Open Views & Great Food: All the Reasons to Live in Israel

In the past, many people moved to Israel to realize the Zionist dream, settle the land, and escape global anti-Semitism, but today Israel attracts new residents for many different reasons. The country’s incredible development in recent years is continuing to surge ahead, and Jews from all over the world would love to live here. Want to know what makes Israel so attractive? Then read on.

For Jews who live elsewhere, life in Israel seems exotic, exciting, and full of varied experiences. Many will admit that their deepest, heartfelt desire is to live in Israel. This country is the Jewish homeland, where everyone can feel like they are part of a nation that attracts many immigrants intending to lay down roots and live their lives here.

Why is it that so many choose to leave it all behind and move to Israel? What is it that draws Jews from all corners of the world? Well, plenty. The people, the views, the weather, and the food are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at all the reasons you should make your home in Israel.

The People

First and foremost, there is no doubt that the people make the country. Israel has experienced immense pain alongside great joy, and is a nation known for its warm, welcoming character. In other countries, if someone is in trouble or requires assistance, it could take many long hours until help arrives. Here it's different. Every Israeli knows that there is always someone to rely on. They only need to ask for help and 10 people will jump at the opportunity. In any situation where you are looking for a smile, empathy, understanding, or even a kind word, you can rely on the people of Israel to give you just what you need.


The Israel Defense Forces are viewed as a role model for armies everywhere. Protecting citizens from internal and external dangers, the military appeals to many young Jews around the world who wish to contribute to Israeli society. IDF recruits learn ethics, tenacity, independence, initiative, confidence, commitment, and also various technological skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

The IDF experience also includes one of the most valuable assets in life – camaraderie. During your time in the IDF, you meet people from all over Israel and the world who are going through the same experience, facing the same difficulties and achieving the same successes. Overcoming obstacles and celebrating happy occasions together will bind you together for decades to come. Friends from your IDF service are the ones you can always rely on. They are the first to come running when you ask, will protect you when you need it, will turn their worlds upside-down if you ask, and will share your happiness as if it was their own. These are lifelong friendships.

Breathtaking Nature & Views

Despite Israel’s comparatively small size, it is filled will so many diverse and different landscapes you can walk for days and not see them all. From the Negev desert to the golden beaches, all the way to the woodlands and flowering fields of the Galilee, in Israel everyone can find their preferred destination. Every season offers many places to hike, trails to explore, and mesmerizing scenes to photograph. This tiny country grants every person their own little piece of paradise.

Dead Sea Mud, Jerusalem Spirituality, Tel Aviv Energy

The Dead Sea, one of the world’s most popular and attractive tourist destinations, is found right here in Israel. Tourists from around the globe come to the lowest point on Earth, where the saltwater and mud found on its shores contain therapeutic qualities not found anywhere else in the world. At the Dead Sea, not only is it possible to cure what ails you, but also to close your eyes and float weightlessly, letting your mind simply wander. When you come out of the water, dozens of high-quality hotels await you, offering everyone their ideal vision of the ultimate vacation. Meanwhile, Jerusalem presents a spiritual scene in every corner, where visitors can explore hidden alleyways, busy streets, magnificent churches and splendid courtyards. And non-stop Tel Aviv is packed with entertainment venues, excellent restaurants, great pubs, attractive beaches, and a lively city that buzzes with energy around the clock.

History at its Best

Over the centuries, the Land of Israel has seen many civilizations come and go, with each one leaving their mark. Historical sites are scattered across the length and breadth of Israel, giving everyone the opportunity to learn about country’s history throughout the millennia. Roman and Crusader artifacts, archaeological excavations from the Second Temple Period, and magnificent fortresses – all within a short drive.

Eat, Pray, Love – the Israeli Way

There can be no doubt that Israel's culinary culture is in full bloom. Israel has always been a powerhouse for tasty cuisine, because its residents just love to eat. The jumble of cultures found in the country has created a melting pot with a wide variety of flavors that have something for everyone. Whether you are a falafel, fries, and salad devotee, or if gourmet restaurants are more your style, Israel delivers an abundance of amazing gastronomy. Creative young chefs, visionary restaurateurs, and a public that loves to experiment provide a fruitful foundation for innovation, creativity, and a constantly-evolving food culture.

Start-Ups & Hi-Tech

Not many people realize this, but lots of inventions used all over the world were created in Israel. USB drives, the ZIP compression format, drip irrigation, and ICQ instant messaging are just a few of them. Teva Pharmaceuticals, the Waze navigation app, and all the software programs developed by the many technology companies in Israel have become highly popular in the international market. If you want to live in an advanced country, one that showcases all the newest innovations, where each newly-formed company is flooded with investor interest from its very inception, then Israel is the place for you.

Education & Intelligence

Israel currently has nine universities and dozens of colleges – a large number for such a small country. Higher education is a top priority, with the government subsidizing tuition for all military veterans. The sharpest minds that flourish here become successful entrepreneurs, Nobel Prize winners, and public opinion leaders throughout the world.

Appealing Weather Conditions

Israel's Mediterranean climate gives its residents a little heat, a little coolness, but mostly the perfect conditions for comfortable living. While other parts of the world struggle with storms, tsunamis, and earthquakes, in Israel it rains for around one month a year. For Israelis, even a little bit of snow is a cause for celebration, and if it's slightly warmer than usual they dash for the air conditioning. Most of the year the weather is simply comfortable and pleasant, for a hassle-free life.

Part of Something Greater

Life in Israel gives everyone a sense of belonging. Whether it is the Holocaust Day or Memorial Day sirens, when the entire country halts for a minute to commemorate those who are no longer with us, or the Mount Herzl torch-lighting ceremony on Independence Day, which fills the entire country with pride – the entire nation comes together. In these moments, and many others, all who live in Israel know that there are others who have gone through these same experiences, even if they do not know them personally.

Sound intriguing? That's not all. Israel has many more surprises and unique experiences in store, all of which you will discover for yourself once you move here. Just wait and see.