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​This is Our Home

Israel is home to all Jews, wherever they are in the world. Jewish people throughout the Diaspora always feel perfectly at home from the moment they arrive here, regardless of whether they are tourists or citizens. Perhaps it comes from the country’s spiritual significance, the warmth of its people, or simply the overall sense of belonging, but in any case Israel is home. And what could be more important than feeling like you belong and have a place to call home? This is where Africa Israel Residences, Israel’s leading real estate company, comes into the frame. With decades of experience creating its flagship Savyonim neighborhoods and other luxury projects, Africa Israel Residences helps everyone to find their own corner of the Promised Land.

Africa Israel Residences has set a new standard for quality of life, building the highest quality residential communities and luxury complexes in the most sought-after locations in Israel, all featuring the highest technical specifications and construction standards. Everyone who lives in an Africa Israel Residences project enjoys the very best public services as well as educational and cultural institutions, perfect for residents who only accept the best. Thanks to the company’s investment in environmental development over the course of many years, the property value is stable, and purchasing an Africa Israel Residences apartment is considered a secure, worthwhile investment.

A Symbol for Quality of Life & Luxurious Amenities

Africa Israel Residences is synonymous with its Savyonim communities – superior, groundbreaking residential neighborhoods found throughout Israel. These neighborhoods have become highly desirable due to their exceptional combination of high construction standards, quality educational institutions, local commercial centers, cultural institutions, and well-tended parks. Residents of the many Savyonim neighborhoods have assured themselves a safe, comfortable home for their entire family.

The unique luxury projects undertaken by Africa Israel Residences provide the next generation of residential experience, with meticulous designs and personalized services that guarantee an opulent lifestyle with complete privacy. It begins from the very moment the doors open, introducing the magnificent lobby, and continues with the professional security services in addition to premium health and spa centers, all the way to the apartments themselves, designed with absolute comfort in mind.

The Length & Breadth of Israel

In Jerusalem, city of luxury and an incomparable ambiance, Africa Israel Residences has successfully launched a variety of Savyonim communities and luxury towers, all designed especially for those seeking quality of life, style, and luxury. The company’s Jerusalem Luxury Collection includes HaNeviim Court, 7 Kook Street, and Savyon View – all centrally located, with magnificent architectural design, exceptionally high finishing, and impressive technical specifications.

Africa Israel Residences has also established Savyonim neighborhoods in highly sought-after areas – Ramat Sharet and Arnona. These projects provide a comprehensive living experience ideal for families, with large apartments, spacious parks, community services, and incomparable quality of life.

Netanya, known as the "Israeli Riviera", is now home to Africa Israel Residences’ Savyon BaAgam complex – a remarkable residential experience between the spectacular Mediterranean and a charming lake. Located at the heart of nature in the Winter Pond Nature Reserve, this prestigious tower combines modern luxuries with beautiful natural surroundings, including the nearby beach. Its spacious apartments provide uninterrupted views, giving a sense of unlimited space. The lavish lobby, exclusive residents' club and fitness room are just some of the amenities available to the residents.

The SKY Project in Ir Yamim offers residents breathtaking views from the highest towers in the area. Found in the prestigious Ir Yamim neighborhood on the Netanya coastline, these two luxury towers embody the cosmopolitan lifestyle. The project’s spacious apartments, large balconies, and luxurious services increase quality of life for every buyer.

Recently the focus of a large-scale real estate boom, the city of Hadera is home to Africa Israel Residences' Savyoney Nof Hadera neighborhood. Overlooking open fields, the project forming a connection between the city and nature. Here, living near green fields is not just a concept – it’s a way of life, where residents enjoy a rural, pastoral, and quiet atmosphere with all the benefits of city life, including convenient access to Israel’s central region.

In Givat Shmuel, ideally located in Israel’s central region, close to all major highways, Africa Israel Residences is currently constructing a new project intended for all those seeking high quality of life in an unbeatable location. With large apartments built to the finest standards, close to a sprawling green park and every essential community service – this is your chance to join a young, first-rate community.

With Africa Israel Residences you can always be confident that you have chosen Israel's leading residential brand, as well as an exceptional new living experience will transform your life for the better.