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​La Rambla, We're Right Behind You!

Every large European city seeking to market itself as an attractive destination on the global shopping map includes a vibrant shopping boulevard. With the exception of Tel Aviv, Israel still has a shortage of high-quality urban pedestrian malls offering great opportunities for Israeli shoppers. But the good news is that's all about to change.

Even if you are not among the serious shoppers who travel the world in search of the greatest shopping, everyone who journeys abroad comes back with at least one new purchase. "Shopping" and "travel" are words that will forever be linked, and every large, self-respecting European city aims to become an attractive landmark on the global shopping map.

Throughout the world, and especially in Europe, the ultimate tourist attractions for shoppers are the broad, bustling pedestrian malls in the city centers. These boulevards offer a fun and dynamic shopping experience, attracting visitors with a variety of restaurants and cafés, cultural sites, and more.

At the same time, pedestrian malls have a special charm because, unlike shopping malls, they are right on the street itself. They benefit from fresh air and sunlight, while encouraging direct interactions with the surrounding environment, adding layers to the human experience.

With each step, pedestrian malls unveil the mysteries of the street to visiting tourists. The boulevard's unique character, combined with the people and public art that adorn it, offer every visitor a new human experience that cannot be found in other types of shopping centers.

In Europe you can find a myriad of vibrant and inviting pedestrian malls and tourist attractions. These include La Rambla, Barcelona's bustling pedestrian mall, filled with statues, street performers, ancient buildings, and more. Another favorite is the romantic Champs-Élysées in Paris, one of the most famous boulevards in the world, home to stores, theaters, cafés and restaurants, whose many fantastic historic sites make it the focal point of Parisian history.

Israel, however, still lacks urban pedestrian malls with great shopping opportunities. Tel Aviv has successfully kept up with her European counterparts, thanks to its cluster of shopping boulevards on Rothschild, Ibn Gabirol, King George, and Ben Yehuda. The other small shopping boulevards scattered throughout the country do not come close to measuring up to this standard. Therefore, Tel Aviv represents Israel's only attractive pedestrian shopping area.  But no need to worry: soon Israelis will not need to fly to Europe for a real pedestrian mall experience.

The central city of Modiin is modeling itself on the world's best, and will soon boast a new and attractive landmark on the Israeli shopping scene.

The secret to success for pedestrian malls is the combination of small businesses, local and international brands, and multi-purpose spaces, according to the most popular strategies for encouraging growth and renewal in city centers.

The idea of a multi-purpose space is to maximize available municipal resources by concentrating a variety of urban needs into one area, including hotels, commerce, residences, cultural centers, public transportation and more. This makes the city center the place to go for round-the-clock services that meet all the needs of local residents.

Currently, a new business, leisure, and entertainment boulevard is being built in the heart of Modiin, and is expected to be the next big thing in Israel. Like other major city centers in Israel and abroad, the new center of Modiin is designed to be easily enjoyed on foot and is destined to become a non-stop center of activity. The boulevard will offer a young, lively atmosphere with a variety of different functions, including residences, offices, bicycle paths, playgrounds and green areas, entertainment and commercial spaces, a library, cultural and government facilities, and more.

The pedestrian mall, which will span XXX kilometers, will include office buildings and residential buildings primarily geared towards young people, especially young couples and students just starting out. For shopping enthusiasts, the ground floors of the residential and office buildings will include a range of local and international stores, entertainment venues, restaurants, pubs, and cafés. In addition, the lower section of the boulevard will include a piazza combining open areas with covered commercial space. 

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