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​Urban Lifestyle at the Heart of Nature

Netanya evokes images of the Mediterranean, rippling waves, and spectacular views, but in the last few years its stunning nature reserves have sparked a widespread interest as well. Africa Israel Residences is currently fulfilling the dreams of many, and is building a residential project nestled in the heart of the Winter Pond Nature Reserve, allowing for a perfectly-balanced lifestyle combining the city with nature. Do you want to discover the secrets of Netanya, and enjoy the highest standards of residential construction? Then this story is just for you.

The Israeli Riviera – that is how Netanya presents herself, and it's not an exaggeration. The gorgeous beachfront city has been attracting numerous tourists from South America, Europe, and especially France and the UK for decades, all of whom have arrived, fallen in love, and often made this city their home. With long beach strips and distinctive sandstone cliffs, it is no wonder that the city continues to draw all those who want to enjoy the sea, fresh breezes, and all-encompassing serenity. The Netanya Municipality has successfully developed and expanded the coastline, constructing a magnificent seafront promenade that gives everyone the perfect setting for gazing out toward the horizon.

The city’s most attractive attributes include its rapid development in recent years, the new buildings, the development of the urban sector, and the city's extensive investment in the residents themselves. Netanya offers a wide variety of employment opportunities within the city itself, as well as the adjacent industrial areas that are undergoing incredible expansion. The urban renewal that has occurred in Netanya over the past few years is highly advanced, and its effects are apparent in the magnificent beachfront promenade, cultivation of plants throughout the city, and the cleanliness of the streets.

In recent years, the city has also received a boost in tourism thanks to its surrounding nature reserves. The Iris and Winter Pond reserves are huge draws for all those interested in enjoying nature close to the city. Every year, the Winter Pond teems with marine life, micro-organisms, reptiles, birds, and many varieties of flowers. 

A Perfect Living Experience within Nature

Africa Israel Residences realized the full potential of the area surrounding the Winter Pond, and is currently establishing the Savyon BaAgam project there, just a 10-minute walk from the Mediterranean.

Residences of the complex will live at the heart of the nature reserve, enjoying all the amenities of a brand new residential apartment built by Africa Israel, Israel’s leading construction company, with spectacular views and natural tranquility.

Savyon BaAgam apartments give residents the opportunity to fully enjoy the surrounding nature reserve, while also providing all the benefits of city life. Netanya is close to the central region and all the main highways, including Highway 2 (the coastal highway) and Highway 57, which links Netanya to the Jordan Valley. The central region is therefore easily accessible, and there are a variety of transportation methods for anyone who commutes outside the city – Netanya has numerous bus lines and taxi services, as well as two train stations in Netanya and Beit Yehoshua.

Residents of Savyon BaAgam enjoy not only life close to the Winter Pond Nature Reserve, but also the unique combination of residential luxury at the heart of nature with high quality of life and excellent local development. The luxurious building includes a variety of high quality amenities, such as a lavish lobby, well-equipped fitness room, residents' club, and more. Residents are invited to choose from 3.5 and 4-bedroom apartments, in addition to spacious mini penthouses, all exhibiting the high standards you expect from Africa Israel Residences.

Designed by the Tishby-Rosio architectural firm, the tower showcases the highest construction standards, and includes spacious luxury apartments, smart designs, and the utmost comfort. The apartments and spacious balconies face the Mediterranean, and therefore provide endless uninterrupted views of the horizon. Each apartment has especially generous specifications, including two private parking spaces for each apartment, quality porcelain tiling, abundant electric outlets, a stylish entrance door, electric blinds, and more.