Savyon View Tower –

Main Technical Specifications

In the Apartment         

• Apartment air-conditioning system: mini central system (1-bedroom
Multi central system with controls in every room (2-bedroom
  apartments and up)
• White acrylic paint on all walls
• Compliance with green and sustainable construction (reduced pollution, recycling, energy efficiency, quality of life)


• Apartments on floors 1-9:
Lounge, dining area, kitchen, and bedrooms: 60x60cm glazed or polished
  granite porcelain tiles in a range of designs
Master bedroom: Laminate parquet in a range of colors.
• Apartments on floors 10-24:
80x80cm glazed or polished granite porcelain tiles or laminate parquet in a
  range of colors
• Penthouses: wooden decking on the rooftop terrace


• Quality interior doors with broad lintels filled with flexboard (color of your
  choice), with a height of 216cm. "Unique" model by Pandoor or equivalent.
• Stylish secure entry door


• Double-glazed windows / curtain walls in the lounge and bedrooms
• Electric roller blinds in the bedrooms (except the safe room)
• Electric blackout curtain + rail for a decorative curtain in the lounge and
  bedrooms facing the exterior curtain wall


• Wall-mounted toilets with concealed cisterns
• In the bathroom and master bathroom:
Cabinet + mirror, and heating via an electric convection heater (Decoheat)
  combined with a towel-warming rack


Deluxe kitchen, including:
• Built-in unit for an oven and microwave
• Undermount sink
• Double sink in apartments with 2 or more bedrooms
• Preparation for a dishwasher
• Caesarstone countertop
• Cooking gas outlet in apartments with 3 or more bedrooms, also installed
  on the penthouse roof terrace

Electricity & Communication:

• Color CCTV intercom at the apartment entrance
• Preparation for a home theater system with 4 speakers in the lounge
• Three-phase electrical connection
• Television and telephone outlets in the bedrooms and lounge
• Smart home: a central control system at the entrance to the apartment, with
  up to 6 scenarios, including:
  1. Switching lights on and off
  2. Raising and lowering electric blinds / blackout curtains (including a
  Shabbat clock)
  3. Operating the air conditioning
  4. Operating the water heater (including a Shabbat clock)
  5. Displaying power consumption from three points, such as the water
  heater, washing machine, and oven

In the Building:

• Magnificent main entrance lobby featuring an impressive architectural
  design with special elements
• Guard station in the main entrance lobby
• Spacious, air-conditioned residents' club
• Mailbox room
• Private parking for each apartment (except small 1-bedroom apartments:
• Garbage chute
• 4 deluxe elevators: high-speed elevators with a stylish design
• Common garden on the roof of the office building (option of using it for
• Common garden terrace on the 18th floor – intended for the use of
  residents of the 18th floor and above
• Option to acquire storage space (limited availability)

*Main technical specifications are for illustration purposes only.

The company will only be bound by the signed purchase contract and the technical specifications and plans attached to that contract.