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​Sit on Your Balcony, Gaze at the Mountains, Reach for the Sky

 In Jerusalem’s finest location, where the views are simply breathtaking, Africa Israel Residences is now constructing its prestigious Savyoney Arnona project. If you wish to truly experience the spirituality of Jerusalem, breathe the clear mountain air, and touch the sky – then Savyoney Arnona is the place for you. Here is a taste of what awaits you.

Many have told the story of Jerusalem – the city that unites us all. Israel’s capital city is famous worldwide due to its significance to three major religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Its holiness is felt in every corner, and even simple strolls within the city help each one of us feel connected to its history.
Residences in Jerusalem have always been coveted by Jews in the Diaspora seeking to feel at home while maintaining the high standards of living they have grown to expect. Jerusalem allows everyone to feel at home because of its uniquely calming and peaceful atmosphere that combines the sacred and the secular, bringing everyone together.
In recent years, Jerusalem has revealed another aspect that was not so commonly known – renovation, development, and cultural life.  Many museums, cultural centers, concert halls, restaurants and other attractions are springing up throughout the city, creating an enticing combination of the old and the new. It is possible to witness the gradual renewal in every part of the city, and as part of this momentous revival the architecture of Jerusalem is undergoing many changes. Countless real estate companies have uncovered the inherent potential of Jerusalem, especially for seasonal residents, and invested in multiple construction projects for new and luxurious buildings in the city. This wave of construction has created a unique opportunity for all those with a true Jewish soul, who have always wanted to feel a special connection to the Jewish homeland and own a little piece of heaven in the Holy City.

Merging Nature and Design

Africa Israel Residences is playing a vital role in the real estate boom currently enveloping the city, and has elected to build a residential project in the Arnona neighborhood, the most prestigious neighborhood in the city’s finest location.
The Arnona neighborhood was founded in 1931 and took its name from the nearby Arnon River. Historical elements give the neighborhood a special charm, so that today it is one of the most desirable in Jerusalem. Some 800 meters above sea level, Arnona residents enjoy clear mountain air and a direct connection to the blue sky above.
Here, in one of Jerusalem’s elevated neighborhoods, Africa Israel Residences is building its Savyoney Arnona project, overlooking the Judean Desert and a mesmerizing landscape. The unique neighborhood has recently become a highly sought-after residential area due to its panoramic views as well as its convenient proximity to commercial and industrial centers. The project is ideally located within the new Arnona complex, alongside an expansive park, away from busy streets, and close to advanced community services. A true pearl of the real estate world, here residents can enjoy an exclusive living experience and high construction standards, with meticulous architectural planning and technical specifications.

Comfort without Compromise

The residential project comprises two 15-story buildings in a quiet area adjacent to a sprawling, well-maintained park. Each building includes an elegantly-designed lobby, well-equipped residents' club, convenient garbage chute, luxurious elevators, and private parking for each apartment. The project includes 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments, as well as 5-bedroom garden apartments and penthouses, with spectacular views of the Dead Sea and Judean Desert.
The spacious apartments in this project feature particularly large balconies and are meticulously designed down to the smallest detail, including electric heating system, spacious kitchen, stylish entrance door, CCTV intercom, central air conditioning, and more.
The penthouses are the pinnacle of dreams and offer a daily experience of breathtaking views. Surrounded on all sides by the Jerusalem hills, there is an atmosphere of peace and serenity with maximum privacy for residents. Meticulous design, luxurious accessories, and additional services elevate the residential experience to a higher level.
Access to public transportation, the superb location, and gorgeous architectural design are just a few of the advantages that await you in the Savyoney Arnona penthouses. Residents enjoy an unbeatable experience in a penthouse designed to transform their lives into one of utter comfort and indulgence. Here it is easy to come home after a busy day and find a quiet corner with open, uninterrupted views of Jerusalem. Sit down with a steaming cup of coffee or a glass of chilled wine and let yourself relax.​

Your Home in Israel

Africa Israel Residences, Israel’s leading and longest-established real estate company, invites you to live in a unique residential environment, designed with the highest standards down to the smallest detail, in a perfect atmosphere alongside historic views of Jerusalem. Here in Arnona, far from the bustle of the city yet close to everything you need, you can finally enjoy the residential experience of your dreams. If you have always wanted to be part of a historic city, if you have always imagined waking up each morning to feel the unique Jerusalem ambiance, now is the time to come to this calm and peaceful neighborhood, simultaneously far from bustle and at the center of everything.  Reach out to claim your part of the Holy City.