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​Next Year in Jerusalem

Many have told the story of Jerusalem – the city that unites us all. Israel’s capital city is famous worldwide due to its significance to three major religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Its holiness is felt in every corner, and even simple strolls within the city help each one of us feel connected to its history.
Residences in Jerusalem have always been coveted by Jews in the Diaspora seeking to feel at home while maintaining the high standards of living they have grown to expect. Jerusalem allows everyone to feel at home because of its uniquely calming and peaceful atmosphere that combines the sacred and the secular, bringing everyone together.
The city is full of synagogues, churches and mosques, and allows each resident to enjoy the beauty and spirituality found within. In recent years, Jerusalem has revealed another aspect that was not so commonly known – renovation, development, and cultural life.  Many museums, cultural centers, concert halls, restaurants and other attractions are popping up throughout the city and are creating within Jerusalem an enticing combination of the old and the new. Jerusalem successfully manages to innovate and evolve while simultaneously maintaining her singular character, heart, and uniqueness.
As part of this momentous revival, the architecture of Jerusalem is undergoing many changes. Countless real estate companies have uncovered the inherent potential of Jerusalem, especially for seasonal residents, and invested in multiple construction projects for new and luxurious buildings in the city. This wave of construction has created a unique opportunity for all those with a true Jewish soul, who have always wanted to feel a special connection to the Jewish homeland and own a little piece of heaven in the Holy City.

Private Piece of History

Over the years, new construction projects have only been in the outskirts of the city. But today construction is such an integral part of renewal within the city it has been sneaking into the desirable sections of the city center. A perfect example of this is the area between Mea Shearim and the bustling city center – HaNeviim Street. This street, the border between two very different worlds within Jerusalem, now boasts some of the hottest real estate in the city.
The legendary HaNeviim Street is located at the historical and cultural heart of Jerusalem, and includes dozens of archaeological and historical landmarks. The area is home to an extraordinary number of historic buildings, such as the Rabbi Kook House, Ticho House, Saint-Serge Mission House, Hadassah Academic College campus housed in the former Rothschild Hospital, and the House of Arches on Havatzelet Street.
HaNeviim Street was already a favorite spot during the mid-nineteenth century and ever since it has been a prestigious area with consulates, hospitals, educational and religious institutions, and luxurious residences. HaNeviim Court, a new residential complex, is located on the highest point in the surrounding area, which grants it stunning views of the Old City, Temple Mount, Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, the King David Hotel, and more.
A short walk away is the rapidly-developing city center with cafés, restaurants and galleries, the Mamilla complex, Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall, and more. Kindergartens, schools and prominent religious institutions are located nearby, as well as many transportation options including buses and the light rail.
Right here, a short distance from the Old City, exclusive and luxurious apartments are waiting for you. At HaNeviim Court you can enjoy a thrilling living experience in the historic heart of Jerusalem. From the moment you step inside, the spirit of Jerusalem surrounds you on all sides. The Jerusalem stone, magnificent construction, and the overall sense of opulence make it clear that this is where you want to live – in a spacious, elegantly-designed luxury apartment, and just a step away from the beating heart of the city.
Africa Israel Residences, Israel’s leading and longest-established real estate company, invites you to begin the New Year in the Holy City, in the perfect environment amid Jerusalem’s historic landscape. Here you can enjoy an exclusive living experience and high construction standards, designed with meticulous architectural planning and excellent technical specifications.
If you have always wanted to be part of a historic city, if you have always imagined waking up each morning to feel the unique Jerusalem ambiance, now is the time to move ahead and grasp the chance of owning an apartment in Jerusalem. Optimally located – a short walk from major entertainment, leisure, and cultural centers, this is your opportunity to come home to the City of David.