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​Introducing the New Jerusalem

The Tachana Complex, Cat Square, Emek Refaim, Hamshushalayim, Academic City, Hutzot Hayotzer, and Mamilla – these are the new faces of Jerusalem. You thought you knew the capital city of Israel, the sacred site of pilgrimage for Jews, Christians, and Muslims? Think again. Jerusalem far more than just the Western Wall, Tower of David, Mahane Yehuda Market, Yad Vahem, and Mount Herzl. Take a few minutes to read about Jerusalem’s modern-day revival.
Jerusalem is internationally known as a holy city revered by three religions. It is a city filled with spirituality, energy, a unique atmosphere, and a special charm found nowhere else. Millions of tourists travel each year to absorb some of its history and culture, to feel connected to it and to enjoy its incredible variety of churches, synagogues, archaeological sites, and holy places. But Jerusalem has another side that showcases a cultural, culinary, and refreshingly creative awakening. You can see its effects in every part of the city: in the new restaurants, trendy bars, and boutique galleries; as well as in the real estate boom, with plans to construct residential towers throughout the city, and the many "Vacate and Build" and "Tama-38" urban renewal projects. Jerusalem has so much to offer to all its visitors, and especially anyone who wants to live there.

Explore the City

Jerusalem boasts over 200 cultural and historical attractions, including more than 60 museums. Any visitor can choose from a variety of fascinating venues, including the Israel Museum, Bible Lands Museum, L.A. Mayer Institute for Islamic Art, Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, government institutions such as the Knesset and Supreme Court, or wandering around the fascinating and colorful Mahane Yehuda Market. History buffs can also find dozens of archaeological digs within and around Jerusalem, which will take them on a journey stretching back millennia. Jerusalem is filled with beautiful green spaces, such as the Botanical Gardens, Independence Park, and Liberty Bell Park, where you can hike on one of the many trails in the surrounding mountains, with options for all ages and ability levels.

A Culinary Celebration

There is no doubt that Jerusalem is undergoing a gastronomic transformation that is introducing new scents, avant-garde cuisine, thrilling flavor combinations and new entertainment scenes that Jerusalemites are just beginning to appreciate. Every day marks the opening of a new, intriguing restaurant, while popular bars provide an exceptional ambiance and drink selection, and the markets spread throughout the city overflow with a variety of fresh produce that only an authentic "shuk" can provide.
Restaurants in Jerusalem, both old and new, receive compliments from all visitors, and even attract famous tourists who come to visit to the Holy City, not just to see the sites but also to taste its unique delicacies.

Increasing Cultural Events

Recently Israel’s capital has attracted huge cultural development. All year round, visitors can enjoy hundreds of performances in different theaters, concert halls and outdoor areas, a variety of films in cinemas spread throughout the city, and countless other events. The annual festivals held in the city are particularly famous, and have already become iconic events in their own right – the Israel Festival, Film Festival, and the International Arts & Crafts Fair (Hutzot Hayotzer). The city's Department of Culture has also combined a wealth of cultural events that occur over the course of several weekends. Known as "Hamshushalayim", visitors can enjoy an overnight stay in one of the city's dozens of hotels, taste delicious Jerusalem snack foods, and participate in fascinating tours, museum visits, and outdoor performances suitable for the whole family.

Sleep in Jerusalem, Enjoy International Comfort

Hotel accommodation in Jerusalem is also undergoing a revolution, with the addition of new boutique hotels as well as internationally-renowned hotel chains to the variety of hotels already available in the city. Jerusalem has always had an abundance of hotels for every budget, but recently the city has been undergoing a facelift designed to attract tourists of the most discerning tastes. Hotels such as the Waldorf-Astoria, David Citadel, and Mamilla offer these tourists the luxurious accommodations they are looking for. 
For those seeking a permanent residence in Jerusalem, this is a wonderful opportunity to buy an apartment. The city is experiencing a construction boom, and many companies are developing projects to build residential towers on the city’s few remaining vacant plots. Additionally, the municipality is encouraging the renovation of old buildings through the "Tama-38" initiative, as well as the construction of new "Vacate and Build" projects on the sites of demolished buildings. If you are looking for an apartment in the center of town with an ideal location close to all the major entertainment destinations, or if you would rather enjoy the peace and quiet of a suburb while still being at the center of it all, Jerusalem provides a variety of residential options. Whatever you are looking for, now is time to reach out your hand and claim your part of the city.