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​​HaNeviim Court: Become Part of Living History

In the historic heart of Jerusalem, just walking distance from the Old City, you will find the new, luxurious apartments of the exclusive HaNeviim Court project. It’s time to become part of the glorious history of HaNeviim Street, which is home to dozens of fascinating historical and architectural landmarks.

HaNeviim Court offers you a thrilling residential experience in the historic heart of Jerusalem. The prestigious 8-floor complex includes 149 new apartments with generous specifications, and is entered through a unique Jerusalem-style patio. The complex is also home to high-class stores and an exclusive boutique hotel, which provides residents with a variety of services such as a laundry, maintenance, spa, and more. As HaNeviim Court is ideally positioned at a relatively high point in the city, it offers marvelous views of the surrounding area, including the Old City, the T​emple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, and the King David Hotel, to mention a few.

The Apartments: The future is already here

The large, spacious apartments feature smart planning to enable greater flexibility in their interior design. Most of the apartments include an attached balcony that is partially uncovered and is suitable for use as a sukkah balcony. Every apartment in the complex benefits from generous specifications, among others:

• Central air conditioning in each apartment, with a control point in every room
• Double-glazed windows in the lounge and bedrooms
• 60x60cm glazed or polished granite porcelain tiling
• Electric drapes in the lounge
• Luxurious kitchen

The Neighborhood: A fascinating journey back in time

The legendary HaNeviim Street is at the historical and cultural heart of Jerusalem, featuring dozens of historic and architectural landmarks. The golden age of HaNeviim Street came in the mid-nineteenth century and lasted until 1917, when Ottoman rule ended in the country. The street and its surroundings were considered luxury properties even then, and became home to consulates, hospitals, educational and religious institutions, and luxury residences. 

The project’s façade looks out toward Monobaz Street and the Sergei Building, one of Jerusalem’s most beautiful sites. It was constructed in 1980 in the symmetrical Renaissance style, and named after Prince Sergei Romanov, eldest son of Tsar Alexander II. HaNeviim Court is also close to a heritage building on Queen Helena Street that was built between 1912-1917 (according to estimates) and was used as a commercial and entertainment center for the thousands of pilgrims who visited the Russian Compound every year.

In addition, the project is just a short stroll from the city center, which is undergoing a vibrant renewal period with cafes, restaurants and galleries, Mamilla Mall, the Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall, and more. Close by you will also find kindergartens, schools, and leading religious institutions, as well as major transportation routes including bus lines and the light rail. ​

All the apartments in this project have already been sold.​​​​

Technical Specifications

Kitchen & Bathrooms
  • Built-in unit for the oven and microwave
  • Undermount sink
  • Preparation for a dishwasher
  • Caesarstone countertop
Electricity & Communications
  • ​Double-glazed windows in the lounge and bedrooms
  • Electric roller shutters in the bedrooms
  • Electric drapes in the lounge
  • High quality interior doors with a Flexboard core (white doors are also available)
  • Stylish entrance door
  • Central air conditioning in each apartment, with a control point in every room
  • 60x60cm glazed or polished granite porcelain tiling
  • Luxurious kitchen
  • Wall-mounted toilets with concealed cisterns
  • Parquet in the master bedroom
  • Color CCTV intercom
  • Preparation for a home theater system with four connection points in the lounge
  • Three-phase electrical system
  • White acrylic wall paint
  • Two-story lobby designed by an architect
  • Preparation for a concierge desk in the lobby
  • Spacious, air conditioned residents’ club
  • Private parking for each apartment
  • 4 stylish, high-speed elevators