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Projects in Hadera

About Hadera

a city looking to the future

​In the north of the Sharon region, on the Mediterranean coast, lies the city of Hadera with approximately 93,000 inhabitants. Hadera is a spacious city that provides its residents with excellent quality of life. Hadera's attractive location between Israel's central and northern regions, its proximity to the sea, and pleasant surroundings, attract new residents each year to purchase apartments, as well as many entrepreneurs and investors to build new homes and neighborhoods.

Interesting places

Orot Rabin Power Plant
Orot Rabin Power Plant IEC Visitor Center

​The largest Israeli site for generating electricity, here visitors can learn all about coal and its uses, in addition to viewing a detailed country-wide power grid layout and learning about recycling waste material and byproducts of electricity production

Technoda Science and Technology Education Center

​The Technoda in Givat Olga is a science center that attracts about 30,000 children, teens, and adults each year. Young scientists are introduced to the world of science and technology through fascinating displays, while acquiring practical research skills

Givat Olga Beach
Givat Olga Beach The Best Place for a Swim or Picnic

​This beach features a number of small coves, reefs, and rocks that have fallen from the nearby cliffs, and is home to many sea creatures. Near the beach is a large landscaped park with benches, a playground, picnic area, and more