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סביוני גבעת שמואל
Apartments For Sale in Givat Shmuel Givat Shmuel, one of the fastest-growing cities in the center of Israel, has doubled its population in the last few years and now numbers 24,000 people. The massive construction boom and continuing urban development process are expected to bring that number to 45,000
Building Projects In Givat Shmuel: Savyoney Givat Shmuel |
Apartments For Sale in Givatayim Givatayim is one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Israel. Located in the metropolitan hub of Tel Aviv, its welcoming residents, educational accomplishments, and environmental quality have transformed Givatayim into a highly attractive area for Israelis. Givatayim is a small, quiet modern city that preserves its unique community-oriented character and outstanding residential quality of life.
Apartments For Sale in Harish Surrounded by green hills, and a five-minute drive from Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Harish is the newest neighborhood to be introduced to Africa Israel Residences' Savyonim brand. Modern and advanced urban planning fully utilize the area, which includes many lush fields, public buildings, educational institutions, and extensive public transportation infrastructure – all of which have transformed Harish into the next step for the Israeli family.
Building Projects In Harish: savyoney Harish |
Apartments For Sale in Herzliya The city of Herzliya is renowned for its excellent education system with schools and kindergartens all across the city, multiple commercial and employment areas serving hundreds of companies and offices and offering employment opportunities for tens of thousands of workers, highly developed urban infrastructures, including community centers, malls and many cultural centers, as well as high accessibility to all the main traffic axes – the coastal highway, the Ayalon Highway, the Haifa-Tel Aviv Highway (Route 4) and more.
Building Projects In Herzliya: Savyonei Glil Yam, Herzliya |
savyon VIEW, Jerusalem
Apartments For Sale in Jerusalem Israel’s largest city has everything: glorious history, rich culture, sacred atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife. Living in Jerusalem is a real experience. Come and discover it for yourself!
Apartments For Sale in Netanya Just 30km from Tel Aviv and 50km from Haifa, Netanya is a vibrant city bursting with life. Living in Netanya is like taking a vacation, all year round.
Building Projects In Netanya: Savyon City Towers, Netanya |
Apartments For Sale in Ramat Gan Ramat Gan is a vibrant city adjacent to Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Petah Tikvah and Bnei Brak. It is a city that truly has everything: an impressive history, the Ramat Gan Safari, national park, leading cultural institutions, leisure, shopping and the Bursa district – the leading business area that has developed around the Diamond Exchange.
Rishon LeZion beach
Apartments For Sale in Rishon LeZion ​Rishon LeZion, the city of grapevines and wine, has enjoyed a boom in recent years that has made it Israel’s fourth largest city. The city’s development has seen construction in business districts as well as commercial and entertainment centers, alongside high quality, well-designed residential neighborhoods. Residents of Rishon LeZion experience a rich and varied world of culture and leisure, including plays, performances, festivals and exhibitions.
Building Projects In Rishon LeZion: Savyonim Estates Rishon LeZion |
Apartments For Sale in Shoham Shoham was established in 1993 within green spaces based on an understanding of the area's landscape, and with the agenda of integrating the town with its surroundings. Shoham's area of jurisdiction covers 6000 dunam and is home to approx. 20,000 residents, half of them children ranging from kindergarten to high school age
Building Projects In Shoham: Savyoney Shoham |