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​Luxurious Apartments

Africa Israel Residences luxury projects – the perfect combination of grandeur and great locations.

The luxurious projects created by Africa Israel Residences reflect the perfect combination of grandeur, quality of life, comfort, and excellent locations in Israel’s most desirable cities – Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

These projects are planned and built with an emphasis on harmony with the environment, the best locations within each city, construction that is entrusted to the best architects in the business, and meticulous finishing of the very highest quality. Ensuring superior construction standards, combined with optimal environmental data, leads to a steady increase in apartments and buyer demand.

Africa Israel Residences’ luxury residences, whether towers or smaller apartment buildings, offer a variety of premium amenities: swimming pool, security services, a fully-equipped and air-conditioned fitness room, and preparation for a home entertainment system. Each luxury apartment complex invites you to enjoy an elegant lobby, private parking, residents’ club, central air conditioning, stylish entrance doors and spacious kitchens – all precisely planned for maximum convenience.

 Come and enjoy the highest quality of life in Israel’s best locations.

5 Facts About Luxury Apartments from Africa Israel Residences

  1. The HaNeviim Court complex in Jerusalem overlooks the Old City, the Temple Mount, Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, the King David Hotel, and more.
  2. The 7 Kook Street complex in Jerusalem offers round-the-clock security services.
  3. All the luxury projects are built in line with green, eco-friendly construction standards.
  4. The restored historic Mofet Hall is an integral part of Savyon Mofet Tower.
  5. 7 Kook Street in Jerusalem features a unique patio with a manicured garden and attractive ornamental pools.

Luxurious projects

Luxury Project
HaNeviim Court, Jerusalem

​In the historic heart of Jerusalem, just walking distance from the Old City, is where you will find the new, luxurious apartments of the exclusive HaNeviim Court project. It’s time to become part of the glorious history of HaNeviim Street, which is home to dozens of fascinating historical and architectural landmarks

Luxury Project
7 Kook St. Jerusalem

​The prestigious residential project at 7 Kook Street enjoys a perfect location in the beating heart of Jerusalem – in the triangle of Ben Yehuda, Jaffa and King George Streets – among local galleries, cultural centers, shops and cafes, and within walking distance of Independence Park and the Old City’s Jaffa Gate

Luxury Project
Savyon View, Jerusalem

​​​At the corner of King George and Jaffa Streets at the heart of Jerusalem, an exciting, exceptional project is coming to life in the city’s the most attractive location. The complex will include a 4,000m2 shopping center alongside an office building and apartment tower, which will offer a wide range of apartments – from 1-bedroom apartments to luxury apartments and penthouses. Sales have already begun!

Luxury Project
Savyon Mofet Tower

​Africa Israel Residences invites you to be inspired by an exceptional living experience. The Savyon Mofet tower, designed by “super-architect” Moshe Tzur, , just 5 minutes from Tel Aviv and major traffic routes. Savyon Mofet’s strategic location at the heart of Ramat Gan lets you enjoy all the benefits of a luxury residence and the accompanying living standard without giving up all the delights and opportunities of the vibrant modern city. Now it’s time to live like you’ve always dreamed​