​About AFI Group

AFI Group is an international investment company active in the fields of real estate, construction, infrastructure, industry, and tourism. The Group owns several public companies that are traded on the Tel Aviv and London Stock Exchanges. Lev Leviev is the chairman of the board, and the Group’s CEO is Avraham “Novo” Novogrocki..

The company was established in 1934 by a group of entrepreneurs from South Africa who decided to develop construction projects in pre-state Israel. They began with a groundbreaking concept that combined Zionism with an especially high building standard. This was how the town of Savyon came to be – Israel’s first exclusive neighborhood, which inspired the creation of Savyonim neighborhoods all over the country.

The Group Strategy

The Group’s strategy is to focus on the core activities in the real estate field – construction, infrastructure, industry, and tourism – while taking the necessary steps to adapt to changes in the global economy. The Group is therefore completing a number of key projects in Russia, Europe, the USA, and Israel, while generating income from selling assets at attractive prices and obtaining good returns on leased property. Its business philosophy is based on investment planning, locating business opportunities, professional risk management, and thorough control of all its activities in Israel and overseas. The Group’s financial strength is expressed through the synergy that exists among its subsidiaries, which provides the leverage for future growth.

A number of companies are active under the AFI Group name:
Africa Israel Residences

The company that changed the face of residential culture in Israel. It constructs and markets tens of thousands of high quality residential units, including the highly sought-after Savyonim neighborhoods, which have become a synonym for quality of life in Israel. These neighborhoods also include leading educational institutions, community centers, sports facilities, and high quality communal services, all of which were built by Africa Israel.

Africa Israel Properties

 Focuses on the development, construction, leasing, and management of industrial buildings, office space, and malls in Israel and Europe.

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AFI Development

 Active in the field of commercial and residential real estate development in Russia and the CIS. In May 2007, it successfully joined the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange, and in July 2010 was defined as a Premium Listing by the UK Listing Authority.

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 Founded in 2002, the company develops high-class residential complexes as well as commercial real estate. It owns construction rights in the Times Square Building and Clocktower in New York, and it is also active in Miami and other cities.

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AFI Europe

 An investment and real estate development company in Europe, concentrating on the development, construction, and management of residential property, commercial property, and land intended for future development. The company specializes in locating and analyzing business opportunities, acquiring properties, obtaining regulatory approval, construction, operations, and marketing.

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Danya Cebus

 A leading Israeli construction and infrastructure company that is also active in Russia and Romania. Danya Cebus has established dozens of residential neighborhoods, with additional expertise in paving roads, building bridges and tunnels, and more, while maintaining the natural landscape and protecting the environment.

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Africa Israel Industries (Packer Plada)

Active in the fields of steel and home design, the company manufactures, processes, and markets steel and stainless steel products for industrial, construction, and residential purposes.

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Africa Israel Hotels

 Founded in 1992, the company holds the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotel franchises in Israel, while also managing other hotels and tourist sites worldwide.

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Negev Ceramics

 Israel’s leading company in the provision of design solutions for construction and home design applications, with a wide product range that includes tiles, parquet, sanitary fixtures, and more, all of which are marketed throughout Israel and worldwide.

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